American Pie

Last year, in the midst of revving up for deadline, Jessica Savidge from ArtEssence Studio out of Boca Raton, Florida, emailed me a link to an engagement shoot that her and partner, Dan Rakofsky, had done. Although we didn’t have the page inventory to share it in the magazine, this 1950s-inspired, Mad Men-esque shoot always remained a mental note for a future blog post.

Eager to explore less conventional ideas for e-sessions, Jessica and Dan jumped at the opportunity to shoot Jessica and Topher in a full nod to retro, right down to the clothes (thanks to a mini shopping spree the night before; a couple after my own heart) and even complete with an apple pie.

According to Jessica, the photographer:

Knowing that this couple is residents of Delray Beach, we decided to play the hometown advantage and start right in downtown Delray. Letting the cinematic eye take over, we took them through a series of casual glances and first dates, through to a Leave It To Beaver-esque scene at home … apple pie and all. After we were satisfied with our happy homemaker scenes, Jessica and Topher changed outfits again for the beach scenes. Their Italian Greyhound, Luca, joined us for the fun as we strolled along the sand. Eventually we made our way back to the house and into the pool, where we learned that Topher is part Superman (be sure to check out the full shoot here to see what they’re talking about).

ArtEssence Studio

ArtEssence Studio

ArtEssence Studio

I think the results were incredible. Love the playfully flirty, but oh no you didn’t looks, along with the vintage-style images. Did I mention I love that yellow bathing suit, “the lean in,” and the puppy? Thank you so much Jessica and Dan for sharing your images with us and thank you Jessica and Topher for letting our readers have an inside look at your engagement shoot!

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