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The Brooke Leaf Collection

Friday, September 30th, 2011

Carelle Jewelry

Like anyone, every day I log into my computer and begin the email brigade. Some emails are spam, others offer teasers to elaborate weddings and some catch my attention in a different way entirely. The incredibly talented Ellyn Bold of Ellyn Bold Event Designer in Overland Park, Kansas reached out to me earlier this summer, but her purpose was different than most.

You see, Ellyn was commissioned to work on a wedding. What she didn’t know was that 30 hours later the groom’s sister, Brooke Tivol McGarth, 28, who traveled back home to New York where she worked as the marketing director for Carelle, would pass away unexpectedly of a rare blood infection.

In loving memory of Brooke, Carelle just launched the Brooke Leaf Collection where they partnered with the Women’s Jewelry Association (WJA) to establish “The Carelle Scholarship in Honor of Brooke Tivol McGrath.” The scholarship seeks to reward aspiring young women in the jewelry industry and will be awarded annually by Carelle through WJA.

A fourth-generation woman in the jewelry business, McGrath joined Carelle in 2007 as their marketing director to help launch a multi-platform marketing campaign. She challenged the brand to examine fine jewelry from a different perspective and aided in the brand’s image building by establishing the curved leaf as the signature of the Carelle brand.

The collection consists of earrings and necklaces in 18K white, rose and yellow gold with various colored gemstones designed around the leaf motif. The centerpiece of the “Brooke Leaf Collection” is the “Brooke Leaf Pendant” crafted in 18K rose gold with a pavé diamond leaf design encasing a 25mm round Rose de France disk. The materials are in honor of Brooke as she wore a pair of rose gold and Rose de France earrings every day. The leaf supports the Rose de France stone symbolizing the delicate balance of life.

Proceeds from the sale of the “Brooke Leaf Collection” will help to fund the scholarship. Direct donations may also be made by sending a check to Carelle payable to The WJA Scholarship Fund. These pieces can be purchased at Tivol in Kansas City and Overland Park, Missouri. While sharing a sad story is not on trend with what I normally share on Fridays, I thought the pieces are beautiful, as was Brooke, and that this was an important story to share to honor this young woman.

Carelle Jewelry Photography: Wirken Photography

Carelle Jewelry Photography: Wirken Photography

Thank you to Ellyn Bold for bringing this story to my attention and Tyler Wirken of Wirken Photography for sharing images of Brooke at her brother’s wedding. Also, a special thank you to Carelle and Brooke’s family for letting us share it with our readers.