Iglesia de Ortono

Tara & Jorge Get Married

Photogen, Inc.

Here is a teaser for Monday’s wedding of the week on www.weddingstylemagazine.com.

It takes a special person to just up and move … or at least stay in a new place for an undetermined amount of time. First US-native Tara fell in love with Spain, then she fell in love with Jorge. From their nuptials in a small Spanish village, to the cocktail hour in the courtyards of Hostel dos Reis Catolicos and the reception in Santiago de Compostela, the whole event is so authentic, but still so personal.

Things I love: the timeless elegance of Tara’s gown (Does this look slightly familiar? Royal perhaps?), Jorge’s custom suit, and the sheer beauty of the locations and architecture. Also, the shots of the couple walking through the streets are fabulous. The reactions of those passing by are so genuine—so European. I just love it.

Thank you so much to the incredible Eliesa Johnson of Photogen, Inc. for letting us share it with you. Be sure to look out for the full feature on Monday. Have a great weekend!

PS – can you believe they won a contest and that’s how Photogen, Inc. ended up shooting their wedding? Sometimes luck is an amazing thing.

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