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Freestyling with Reine Mihtla

Back when I was on my hardcover book tour I had the chance to meet so many incredible people. Every city was so special and full of amazing talent, and Vancouver was no different. One of my favorite parts of going to each city was finally putting a face to so many names that I had worked with since back in the early days of Grace Ormonde Wedding Style. In particular, I have been chatting on and off with Canadian photographer Reine Mihtla of REINE Weddings out of British Columbia, since I’d say 2005.

For those of you that know her or were at the party, you would remember her as a sophisticated, but playful statuesque woman and for those of you that weren’t, I vividly recall that she was in a fabulous pink skirt. After the party was over, we got to chatting and I realized there was a whole lot more to her skirt than just a fashion statement and I had to share her story with you.


I was in Mexico for two weeks in June of 2010 and brought some blank skirts to paint. This is as far as I got because there was no need for a skirt … I was nude all the time.

When I came home I was refreshed, toxins removed, vitamin D packed and rehydrated. From this place and within a dream “REINEBOW” number two was born. You see, REINEbow number one was a nickname given to me by my dad and I always really liked it. To me REINEbow means a full spectrum of healing light that I often send when my friends are sick, worried or just off the beaten path and need a bit more juice.

FREESTYLE: the thought came about in the past few months. I realized, as an artist I haven’t practiced and practiced my craft to be like someone else, or create work that has already been seen. After practice and practice the only natural progression is Freestyle. How cool is that?

That’s what this skirt is for … and I’m grateful to my freedom.

So, in addition to being an incredibly talented photographer, Reine is also a self-expressionist and artist. And it gets better. You see those canvases behind the skirts? Well, I will tell you about those tomorrow in part 2 of this post about my chat with Reine. xoxo

For more details on Reine’s art you can visit her at And due to the magic of technology, if you want to read part two of this post, click here.