Enjoy the small pleasures in life because there simply aren’t enough of the big ones to go around

How many birthdays and holidays are there in a year? My answer: not enough.

What is my solution? Be it a slice of cheese or a sip of wine, remember to close your eyes and savor the moment. Hold onto that thought before it becomes a fleeting image like the ripples in water.

After consecutive days steeped with meetings coupled with domestic concerns (cooking Cornish hens for dinner tonight), I was feeling a bit low. Days like these I just want to soak in my hot tub. In any event, I was recently force fed Twitter and, to be honest, am still a bit clueless of how it works. Nevertheless, I am open to changes.

I decided to comb through my Twitter followers today and fell in love with a photographer based in Arizona. Her name is Angie Sloan (@angiesloan). Stumbling upon this image was rather auspicious. Being drowned in murky blueness (almost like living in a world of Smurfs), this picture reminded me that despite all of the haze, we can find clarity when having resolve.

angie sloan

I think it is critical that we find our happy place. This sanctuary will help us think and see clearly. I have two happy places – my tub and in front of my laptop writing. Ideally, I would have both, but there aren’t any waterproof laptops yet. So before that happens, I intend to blog daily on this new website about my personal interests! Anyway, I welcome to hear about yours.


Grace Ormonde

P.S. A personal note for Angie Sloan – you are a wonderful photographer and I thoroughly enjoyed looking through your blog. I bookmarked your website and will check back!


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