Enjoy the small pleasures in life because there simply aren’t enough of the big ones to go around

How many birthdays and holidays are there in a year? My answer: not enough.

What is my solution? Be it a slice of cheese or a sip of wine, remember to close your eyes and savor the moment. Hold onto that thought before it becomes a fleeting image like the ripples in water.

After consecutive days steeped with meetings coupled with domestic concerns (cooking Cornish hens for dinner tonight), I was feeling a bit low. Days like these I just want to soak in my hot tub. In any event, I was recently force fed Twitter and, to be honest, am still a bit clueless of how it works. Nevertheless, I am open to changes.

I decided to comb through my Twitter followers today and fell in love with a photographer based in Arizona. Her name is Angie Sloan (@angiesloan). Stumbling upon this image was rather auspicious. Being drowned in murky blueness (almost like living in a world of Smurfs), this picture reminded me that despite all of the haze, we can find clarity when having resolve.

angie sloan

I think it is critical that we find our happy place. This sanctuary will help us think and see clearly. I have two happy places – my tub and in front of my laptop writing. Ideally, I would have both, but there aren’t any waterproof laptops yet. So before that happens, I intend to blog daily on this new website about my personal interests! Anyway, I welcome to hear about yours.


Grace Ormonde

P.S. A personal note for Angie Sloan – you are a wonderful photographer and I thoroughly enjoyed looking through your blog. I bookmarked your website and will check back!

16 Responses to “Enjoy the small pleasures in life because there simply aren’t enough of the big ones to go around”

  1. angie

    What a beautiful first post, I love your outlook on life. Can’t wait to see all your lovely adventures!
    ps. Thank you for your kind words.

  2. Jamie Burnett

    An image a day will fill your mind with an extraordinary view behind 365 different creative minds. Congratulations on the start of something amazing!

  3. Jason Thon

    I love the new blog Grace, and the idea to feature images that move you! A new bookmark and something to read. Beautiful image Angie!

  4. Liene Stevens

    Angie is hands down one of the nicest people anyone will ever meet and so talented. It is quite the combo that will take her far in life. Thanks for recognizing her work here and congrats on the new blog. Love the concept of it so far.

  5. Kenny Kim

    Congrats on starting your first blog. I like the idea – one image per day. Sort of reminds me of Elizabeth Messina’s blog. I love the simplicity yet deep content. Thanks for sharing! :) KK

  6. Lilia Ahner

    The Sloans are amazing photographers! Grace: I’m so glad that you started this blog, I’m looking forward to “getting to know” you better through your blog.

  7. admin

    Angie sounds like not only a wonderful photographer, but a wonderful person. Now I am really anxious to meet her!



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