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Editor’s Daily Pick

Rene Caovilla SS2011 Platform How magnificent are these platform sandals by Rene Caovilla? They are perfect for Spring and just bring a huge smile to my face. Cheers and Happy Friday!

Hayden & Matthew Get Married

Yitzhak Dalal Photography

Here is a teaser for Monday’s wedding of the week on

Hayden and Matthew get married at the Thornewood Castle in Lakewood, Washington. Aside from incredible photography, my favorite thing about reviewing feature wedding submissions is seeing pictures where a couple is so obviously in love. Simply stunning!

Thank you so much to Yitzhak Dalal for sharing this wedding with us and be sure to look out for the full feature on Monday. Have a great weekend!

In case you missed the feature click here.

Off to The Lagoon

When Alex and Calli, better known to their friends as Al and Cal, were planning their engagement shoot, they wanted it to be fun and nothing spells fun to me more than an amusement park — ok, as long as it is well built and maintained.

Season pass owners and avid goers, they chose the Lagoon in Utah because, well, they love the place. They love to golf, camp, go for walks, go boating, eat and shoot guns, and consequently decided to spin it all into one big photo shoot with photographer Alisha Ekstrom of Oakstream Photography. When Alisha submitted this shoot to us, I knew it captured a distinct element of fun that our readers would enjoy, paired with fabulous photography. I mean, just look at Al and Cal, they are pretty much smiling or laughing in almost every picture.

Tip: For you brides that are struggling over planning your engagement shoot, remember to pick a place that you have an emotional connection to so that you feel comfortable and it will come through in your pictures making for gorgeous photography. If the shoot is too contrived you will be able to see it in the final product. Remember, be natural.

Thank you so much for sharing this with us Alisha. From these pictures I can see that you had to get on some pretty crazy rides to capture the shot. You are a real trooper. And Al and Cal are now married, so congratulations to both of you and we wish you eternal wedded bliss! xoxo

Location: Lagoon; Photography: Oakstream Photography

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Editor’s Daily Pick

Sakura Cherry Blossom Limited Editor by Jo MaloneThis is such an enchanting and captivating scent by Jo Malone. It is the Sakura Cherry Blossom Limited Editor and is truly a celebration of Spring. Inspired by one of nature’s most charming displays — the cherry blossom tree — it is a symbol of beauty and new beginnings. A truly soft, feminine and airy fragrance that will have heads turning. Cheers and Happy Tuesday!

Wrapping Up With Reine Mihtla

So how about those pictures behind the skirts in yesterday’s post? In addition to those, Reine Mihtla of REINE Weddings also has her hand in some other projects. What projects you ask? She creates wedding-related art, which begins with photographs that she or another photographer has taken. She then has them printed onto a handmade surface and mounted on hardboard canvases. Afterward, she paints over them and creates the pieces below.

In addition, she also does Holga Art (or panoramic overlapping images), which can be done with the same process, but most clients print them out large on archival paper and hang them in their homes. And sometimes, she even paints just to paint. Insert exhausted sigh here.

The process from start to finish…

The artist at work…

Some completed pieces…

If you want to see more of her art you can also click here. Enjoy!

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Editor’s Daily Pick

Embrace Bracelet by LagosI love how effortless this bracelet by Lagos is. This comes from the “Embrace” Collection and is called the Diamond Statement Bracelet. It consists of Pave diamonds set in 18K gold and is woven around polished sterling silver beading. Such a classic and timeless piece! Cheers and Happy Monday. xoxo

Freestyling with Reine Mihtla

Back when I was on my hardcover book tour I had the chance to meet so many incredible people. Every city was so special and full of amazing talent, and Vancouver was no different. One of my favorite parts of going to each city was finally putting a face to so many names that I had worked with since back in the early days of Grace Ormonde Wedding Style. In particular, I have been chatting on and off with Canadian photographer Reine Mihtla of REINE Weddings out of British Columbia, since I’d say 2005.

For those of you that know her or were at the party, you would remember her as a sophisticated, but playful statuesque woman and for those of you that weren’t, I vividly recall that she was in a fabulous pink skirt. After the party was over, we got to chatting and I realized there was a whole lot more to her skirt than just a fashion statement and I had to share her story with you.


I was in Mexico for two weeks in June of 2010 and brought some blank skirts to paint. This is as far as I got because there was no need for a skirt … I was nude all the time.

When I came home I was refreshed, toxins removed, vitamin D packed and rehydrated. From this place and within a dream “REINEBOW” number two was born. You see, REINEbow number one was a nickname given to me by my dad and I always really liked it. To me REINEbow means a full spectrum of healing light that I often send when my friends are sick, worried or just off the beaten path and need a bit more juice.

FREESTYLE: the thought came about in the past few months. I realized, as an artist I haven’t practiced and practiced my craft to be like someone else, or create work that has already been seen. After practice and practice the only natural progression is Freestyle. How cool is that?

That’s what this skirt is for … and I’m grateful to my freedom.

So, in addition to being an incredibly talented photographer, Reine is also a self-expressionist and artist. And it gets better. You see those canvases behind the skirts? Well, I will tell you about those tomorrow in part 2 of this post about my chat with Reine. xoxo

For more details on Reine’s art you can visit her at And due to the magic of technology, if you want to read part two of this post, click here.

Editor’s Daily Pick

Carrera y Carrera Yellow Gold and Onyx CufflinksOne of the most popular gifts that a bride gives to her groom on their wedding day is cufflinks. It adds structure to a shirt and completes any tailored look. Jewelers have gotten extremely creative with their cufflink designs as they add a lot of personality to any suit, tuxedo or an everyday casual french cuff shirt. These cufflinks by Carrera y Carrera are called the Cordoba cufflinks in yellow gold and onyx. I just love their masculinity and the intricate detailing throughout. Cheers and happy Friday! xoxo

Editor’s Daily Pick

Capresso CafeI love Espresso and Cappucino. I drink it quite often (actually daily) in my home and rely on a quality machine to make me the perfect “pick me up.” The Capresso Cafe machine by Capresso is a fantastic, state-of-the-art espresso and cappucino maker that is a must-have appliance for your kitchen counters. This would also make a perfect engagement or wedding for any espresso/cappucino fanatic. It’s extremely simple to operate and produces high quality drinks. I recommend using the Capresso “Grand Aroma” whole bean coffee for a truly delicious drink. Cheers and drink up! xoxo

Editor’s Daily Pick

Jaquet Droz WatchWhat a fun watch by Jaquet Droz! This is called the Cloverleaf watch and has a white mother-of-pearl dial set with 124 yellow sapphires, 125 blue sapphires, 125 pink sapphires, 129 orange sapphires and 93 tsavorites!! Phew! That sure was a mouth full! It comes in an 18-carat white gold case and is just utter perfection. I can just picture myself having a relaxing summer sail in the Caribbean while wearing this timepiece. Cheers and Happy Wednesday!