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Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

I read an interesting tweet by Lawrence Chan of Tofurious

“believe six impossible things before breakfast” counsels Alice [In Wonderland]

I haven’t seen the movie yet, but the words resonate with me very well. I have been in the wedding business for 24 years now. There were times when light at the end of the tunnel seemed bleak. Responses from family members and friends were all the same – impossible.

In hindsight, Wedding Style Magazine is now available in all major book and magazine outlets, The Grand Bridal Show always won warm cheers and my local magazine still brings awareness for amazing New England wedding events.

The whole point of this is to exercise creativity and choice. The moment we embrace impossibility, we automatically inhibit ourselves. This is applicable for both business and craft – photography, cinematography, floral, cake, etc.

So once in a while on a quiet day, rather than thinking logistically (such as a SWOT analysis), think creatively. In Yanni’s context, if you were to cast a fishing pole, just how impossibly big of a fish can you catch? Dream big! Here’s the cool part – it’s okay to not achieve every goal. Just enjoy the process as it unfolds.

Quiet Moment

So while at WPPI, I met this handsomely tall Asian photographer – Jason Huang. I told him that he should be a male model, but he’s already committed to wedding photography.

quiet wedding ceremony


Grace Ormonde


WPPI Recap and Cover Submission

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

As I compose this post, I am currently in San Francisco at an event called Wedding 360 where some of the nation’s top wedding coordinators and event designers are meeting. Days before that, I was in Los Angeles doing some planning with my publicists regarding television appearances. However, let’s turn the clock back just a little bit more.

One week ago, I was in Las Vegas at a convention called WPPI (Wedding Portrait Photographers International). Since I was in the area shooting table-tops and foods from all of the 5-star resorts, Lawrence Chan of Tofurious and Mike Colon invited me to speak at their booth and seminar respectively.

My schedule is…just a bit crazy! While on this note, I would like to apologize for my attempt at a daily post – you can say that I was a bit ambitious – haha!

Anyway, I just wanted to express my appreciation for everyone who came out and shared their wonderful work. Simply amazing! The following are a few images that Mike Larson took.

wppi grace ormonde

wppi grace ormonde

wppi grace ormonde

wppi grace ormonde

Boy, I love Las Vegas! The restaurants are divine! However, I must admit that there were some pretentious places that the quality was so poor that I even had difficulty choosing an entree… (no names).

Cover Submissions

I talked about picking one image for my next cover at WPPI. If you’re interested in submitting an image, please submit it here and title it “COVER” so that I will know.

For those who were there, I like images that move me – especially ones of sexy couples!

Thanks and talk soon,

Grace Ormonde