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Don’t Overlook the Details

A fairly subjective (and perhaps controversial) question: What makes a good photograph? For me, it is its ability to evoke a feeling, a thought, an emotion. I find that certain photographs have an energy that is contagious. Detail shots are often overlooked; I see far fewer detail shots submitted than I do other photographs. Yet, a detail shot can be so expressive and so captivating.

This photograph from @ardenphoto is a detail shot I absolutely love; the position of the hands, the henna, the intricate fabric, tell a story. The lighting, the sharp foreground, the out of focus background create a mood.

What story do you see in this photograph?

Happy Friday.

Grace Ormonde

Simply Yummy

Not that long ago, I was in Las Vegas for an editorial photo shoot. There is always a feeling of “grand” when in Vegas and everything is larger than life; sparkly, bright, abundant, simply amazing.

It is no secret that I love good food; and if it is, I am letting the cat out of the bag- I love good food. Vegas is, among other things, a foodie’s playground. One evening I had dinner at Bartolotta Restaurant at The Wynn. I just wanted to share, unless you are allergic to shellfish, you must try their shrimp. Simply yummy!

I can’t wait to get back to Vegas. Perhaps in early March?

Bon Appetit.

Grace Ormonde

P.S. Today is Mr. Wynn’s birthday. Happy birthday Mr. Wynn.

Slowing Things Down

More and more couples are choosing a destination wedding. Some of my favorite weddings over time have in fact been destination weddings. There is something exciting and adventurous about just picking up and going away.

When looking through photography, I am always so intrigued by some of the settings I see; exotic, romantic, magical, dramatic. Through photography, we are immediately transported to some of these settings and unconsciously experience that feeling of excitement and adventure.

This is a photograph of a destination wedding shot by Michael + Anna Costa (@michaelandanna). I love the ambiguity of the setting, the dream-like feeling of the background, the way the natural light silhouettes the couple. In a world where everything moves so quickly, I imagine this couple would like to live in this moment forever.

live in the moment,
Grace Ormonde

Sophie Tan and Yul Kwon, April 18, 2009, San Martin, CA

Photography: Kenny Kim Lifestyle Weddings

I am always torn when it comes to making the final selection for editorial features of real weddings in my magazine. We always have more amazing weddings than we do pages to feature them. I am so excited because now, on my blog, I can share all that content that I wasn’t able to before.

This wedding of Sophie Tan and, “Survivor: Cook Islands” winner, Yul Kwon took place in Clos LaChance Winery in San Martin, California. It was captured beautifully by the skillful eye of Kenny Kim whose work I have always admired.

I was captivated by the radiating energy between this couple; while they exude a transparent joy, I love the romantic “softness” in some of the photographs. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Thank you for sharing this wedding with us Kenny Kim.

Additional credits:
Location: Clos LaChance Winery
Flowers: Nicole Ha Florist
Cake: Jen’s Cakes
Catering: Le Papillon
Makeup Artist: Joanne Kim
Entertainment: Warren Wong from Sounds in Motion
Wedding Gown: Paris Connection

Special Moments

Think of the last time you may have experienced a special moment. Think of the last time you witnessed a special moment. What defines a special moment? I think for each of us, the answer may be different.

Weddings certainly lend themselves to an abundance of such moments. Thankfully, photographers are present to skillfully freeze time one shutter after another.

I sensed such a special moment captured when I came across this photograph from Tiny Water. I could go on and on as to why I think this moment is special, but why write when a picture is worth a thousand words.


As Sweet As Candy

Growing up in the Azores, Portugal, I remember visiting the town’s convenience store with my mom. It served as the grocery store, pharmacy and even the post office at one time. We frequented this store a lot since the next closest one was quite a distance away.

The store had a grungy appearance and a poorly lit interior. Despite my perpetual hesitation, there was always a prize to be sought in the rear corner – stacks of colorful lollipops. Every week, my ordeal was rewarded with sweet ecstasy.

Today, I found myself equally excited when the following image helped old memories resurface. Thank you mom and thank you Amy Atlas (@amyatlas).


Treat yourself,

Grace Ormonde

When A Kiss Is Not Always Just A Kiss

The ceremony hall might as well be empty. I agree that these unions are meant to be celebrated with close friends and family members, but sometimes it doesn’t really matter. The following two decided to have an elopement.


Maybe it was the photography. Maybe it was the moment. Maybe it was both. Nevertheless, there is something quaint about this shared reverence that pays homage to a nostalgic era where every kiss is done on one leg.

Everyday, we are inundated in our trades either as weekend warriors or as 40-hour weekday drones (sometimes both). So place a picture like this on your desk with someone you love and let your mind drift when need be.


Grace Ormonde

P.S. Image courtesy of Lilia in San Francisco. I came upon her blog after seeing her twitter name interacting with mine (@grace_ormonde).

Some Monitors Are Worth Licking

You must know – I love Jasmine Star. She is a wonderful and energetic woman (did I forget to mention a phenomenal photographer) with the most infectious laugh. I had the honor of meeting Jasmine at Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica when I was getting feedback for my new hardcover book.

After becoming an immediate fan, I bookmarked her website. As I was sifting through her blog for my daily photo, a white cake caught my eye. Its simplicity and organic look radiated beauty.

wedding cake by sweet and saucy jasmine star

Can you imagine? A couple of years ago, I was using a Sony Vaio laptop. Today I am writing from my sleek 27″ iMac. In a few years, I hope there will be smell-o-vision and maybe even lick-o-vision. *crossing fingers*

The credits for this beautiful cake belong to the following:
Jasmine StarJasmine Star Photography (photography)
Melody BrandonSweet and Saucy (cake)
CarissaJL Designs (floral)

Stay sweet,

Grace Ormonde

P.S. What will pique my interest tomorrow? If you have an idea, please submit!

Enjoy the small pleasures in life because there simply aren’t enough of the big ones to go around

How many birthdays and holidays are there in a year? My answer: not enough.

What is my solution? Be it a slice of cheese or a sip of wine, remember to close your eyes and savor the moment. Hold onto that thought before it becomes a fleeting image like the ripples in water.

After consecutive days steeped with meetings coupled with domestic concerns (cooking Cornish hens for dinner tonight), I was feeling a bit low. Days like these I just want to soak in my hot tub. In any event, I was recently force fed Twitter and, to be honest, am still a bit clueless of how it works. Nevertheless, I am open to changes.

I decided to comb through my Twitter followers today and fell in love with a photographer based in Arizona. Her name is Angie Sloan (@angiesloan). Stumbling upon this image was rather auspicious. Being drowned in murky blueness (almost like living in a world of Smurfs), this picture reminded me that despite all of the haze, we can find clarity when having resolve.

angie sloan

I think it is critical that we find our happy place. This sanctuary will help us think and see clearly. I have two happy places – my tub and in front of my laptop writing. Ideally, I would have both, but there aren’t any waterproof laptops yet. So before that happens, I intend to blog daily on this new website about my personal interests! Anyway, I welcome to hear about yours.


Grace Ormonde

P.S. A personal note for Angie Sloan – you are a wonderful photographer and I thoroughly enjoyed looking through your blog. I bookmarked your website and will check back!